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The Pickleball Club LLC, is developing the premier membership-based private indoor pickleball facilities in the United States.

About The Pickleball Club

The Company began in Sarasota, Florida, where the first club opened in May 2023. We have clubs under development across Florida as we build out at least 15 locations over the next few years.

The Company’s strategy is to take advantage of the significant unmet demand for a quality indoor sports experience dedicated to pickleball. Each of the Company’s clubs is designed to be 34,000 – 40,000 SF with 12 – 16 indoor pickleball courts, multiple outdoor courts (depending on space), an outdoor courtyard activity center with bocce courts, a Dinks Pro Shop, Pickles Café, and luxurious locker room facilities.

The Club’s positioning is a “Member Only” amenity-based destination. The Clubs will focus on the social aspect of the sport, as well as health & fitness and skill development. A significant amount of space is dedicated to communal space for socializing with ample seating for members, watch gameplay and consume food and beverages from Pickles Café.


Would Consider Joining an indoor pickleball club


Would play more if an indoor facility were available


report excessive wait times when they try to play currently


report that inclement weather interferes with play


of respondents play pickleball 2-7 times per week


are interested in professional instruction


of players are 55+ years of age.


over $75,000/annum, 55% over $100,000 in Household

Planned Developments

The Pickleball Club has 6 sites currently under various stages of development in Florida. Under construction is our Lakewood Ranch Club in Sarasota and our Port St Lucie Club. Under various stages of development are the (1) Bonita Springs Club, (2) Venice Club, (3) The Villages Club, and the (4) The Fort Myers Club.

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